〈Award Entry Products〉
Show dates:June 26 (Wed) -28 (Fri), 2019 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on June 28)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
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ACME 1975 CO., LTD.
Product Name
Category: Table & Chair    
Material: Top with Acacia reclaimed, Body with Rubberwood reclaimed Size: H70 x W70 x D70 (cm)
Price 37500 JPY (tax excluded)

Friendly Environtmental with Reclaimed wood to produce "MUSHROOM" Dining Sets (1xRound Table and 2xStools) with Easy-Carry Package weight less than 15 Kgs.
Designed by our BEST JAPAN DESIGNER.
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
Friendly Environtmental with Reclaimed wood to produce MUSHROOM Dining Sets consist of :-

1. 1xRound Table / Item No.F1-8585 : Size W70xD70xH70 cm.
Top : Using reclaimed Acacia woods, Body : Rubberwood reclaimed woods with Waterbase painted.
2. 2xStools / Item No. F2-5829 : Size W38xD38xH42 cm.
Top : Covered with Fabric, Body : Rubberwood reclaimed woods with Waterbase painted

Provided by Set Package weight less than 15 Kgs. folded in Easy-Carry Carton to enjoy your usage everywhere. Designed by our BEST JAPAN DESIGNER.
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Artisan Teapot
Category: Teapot Feature: Made in Japan
Material: 18-8 Stainless Size: H9.6 x W14 x D11 (cm)
Price 22000 JPY (tax excluded)

Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
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Product Name
HP Reed Diffuser
Category: Room Fragrance Feature: Made in Japan
Material: plant-based fermentative alcohol,natural fragrance,Bottle(glass),CAP(aluminium),Wood CAP(pine wood),Reed stick(rattan) Size: H25 x W8.5 x D8.5 (cm)
Price 3600 JPY (tax excluded)

It is made from only natural fragrance and plant-based fermentative alcohol.
Recommended also for a family with children or a pet as it is no harm.
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
A natural fragrance series enriches one's heart and life style based on the
theme of "Incorporate blessings of nature and strength in your daily life".
Enjoy precious essence and pure fragrance of the plants that receives gifts of nature.
Room Fragrance
3.Characteristics of goods
It is made from only natural fragrance and plant-based fermentative alcohol.
A very fresh and gentle scent from natural fragrance helps deodorizing living scenes.(Deodorant tested)
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Category: shoe care kit Feature: Made in Japan
Material: Ebony Size: H10.5 x W3 x D1.4 (cm)
Price 5980 JPY (tax excluded)

Comfort feeling like with nature. Hopefully , enjoy the touching , shape of grain, and their faces changing by the aging. You will been love thiis one on eternaly.

Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
I love shoes so I need shoe horn every where.
After becoming a member ASANO MOKKOUSHO co,.ltd, I am driming my original shoe horn with the knowlege skils, tecknology and creativity in my company.
Finally , I made it. Good shape that for take out and good sizing for carry on in the inner pocket of suit, offcouse it is good for every bags. So this shoe horn is best match for business man living in japan that having culture on and offf the shoes.
Let's go with this buddy!!
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Category: 3D Puzzle    
Material: Plywood Size: H10.8 x W6.8 x D3.6 (cm)
Price 2000 JPY (tax excluded)

JIGZLE moji is a 3D wooden puzzle and posable figure series with AR mobile app.
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
Primary Function :
1. DIY Assembly Wooden figurines
2. Accompanied with AR (Augmented Reality) features
3. AR Feature allows users to scan and interact with their moji, along with customizable scene backgrounds, outfits and facial expressions
4. AR Photo Mode: after customizing, users can use their smart device camera to show moji in the real world. Then snap and share on social media platforms.

b. Design concept, special feature and etc. :
1. Toy figurines have been a big part of traditional childhood collectable toys. Technology is changing the way children play, as touchscreens have become more popular amongst the young.
2. We encourage to preserve the beauty of traditional toys in this digital age by combining the best of both worlds (AR and a collectable toy) in one.
3. The moji figures come with customizable facial features on the application.
4. Toy components are designed with patented interlocking structures, glue or tools are not required throughout the assembly process
5. The moji line comes in different editions to target different consumers
6. Made using FSC certified materials

c. Target Segment & Rational:
Targets adolescences and adults aged 12 and up, AR app would be required on smart device to pair up with the product.

d.Target Market:
Aged 12 and up

JIGZLE moji is a DIY wooden puzzle figure series with AR mobile app. You can always find a moji matching your mood, no matter if you are overwhelmed by work duties, immersed in happiness like a princess, or fascinated by oriental heroic stories. Build your moji, play with your moji, and love your moji.
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kitchen knife case S Plain body-Silver body
Category: kitchen knife case Feature: Made in Japan
Material: paulownia wood and aluminum Size: H5.3 x W31.5 x D2.4 (cm)
Price 13800 JPY (tax excluded)

Kitchen knife case which can carry a familiar kitchen knife stylishly.
Commitment made in Japan that incorporates the techniques of traditional craftsmen
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
Generally, kitchen knives are sold with the cutting edge exposed and stored in a paper box or carton box.
Disposal or loss of the box will make it impossible to carry it safely.
At present, there is a simple cover that covers only the cutting edge, but it is also unstable and there is a risk of conflict with the Guns Act.
Therefore, we planned a case where you can safely take out the kitchen knife to your favorite place such as outdoors or cooking class.
We put our wish to sell Sanjo-made kitchen knives to use your favorite kitchen knife in more situations.

A knife case that can be carried safely with your knife.
Slide the cover and retract with the blade facing down.
A magnet installed inside can absorb the blade and it can be stored stably.
The combination of an aluminum slide cover with a soft, antibacterial material on the edges of the blade realizes a lightness and slimness suitable for carrying.
You can also take care of the inside of the main unit by pulling out the slide cover.

Technology Durability
Fine-tune the dimensions of each part to correspond to various blade and handle knives.
It locks without using a fastener etc. by the projection given to the slide cover.
The 2mm groove of the main body of the coffin which the slide cover fits in was realized by the precision processing technology of coffin.
For the specifications of the main body of the rattan, we prepared "Plain", which is excellent in hygroscopicity and enjoys the natural texture and secular change, and "Charcoal", which has enhanced water resistance and strength by black urethane coating.
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Lip Bomb
Category: Beauty    
Material: Cocoa Butter, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin E, Essential Oil Size: H5 x W4.8 x D4.8 (cm)
Price 1250 JPY (tax excluded)

Natural ingredients and infuse them with a little attitude.
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
Finally, a lip balm as bold as you are. Our Lip Bomb pairs softening cocoa butter, soothing beeswax, and sunny citrus in one tough-guy package. No matter the lips, this bad boy is what you need to win the war on dry, cracked skin. It is just not cute.
This is the lip balm you will want to reach in your pocket for, to show off the fresh look and incredible results. We use organic ingredients for a final result you' will want to recommend to your eco-conscious friends.
We use the simplest ingredients and infuse them with a little attitude, so you can feel proud to pull out that lip bomb.
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hanauta Dish Drainer Lengthwise placement long type
Category: Dish Drainer Feature: Made in Japan
Material: 18-8 Stainless Steel Size: H24.5 x W57 x D16 (cm)
Price 30000 JPY (tax excluded)

I am also happy with the open kitchen.
Looks and features are beautiful!
Kitchen tools series like accessories

It is a representative drainer rack of the kitchen tool series.
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
Now, the style of the kitchen changes year by year,
Open kitchen etc. are diversified as a style for each person.

hanauta is compatible with various styles,
Instead of the current tool appearance,
It is a kitchen tool that looks beautiful as an interior.

In addition to the look, each tool has a nice new feature for the user.
(Such as Lengthwise and Widthwise Wave of Dish Drainer.)
Design right acquired

It is the high technology unique to Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture, that combines the beauty of its function and design.

The hanauta, which has been selected as one of the Good Design Awards and the Best 100 Design for Asia Awards, is a series of kitchen tools that are happy for the lifestyle of the future.

1.Application:It is sized according to the space such as the current system kitchen, and it is also characterized by fitting to the limited space and crossing the sink.

2.Technology:The craftsman of Tsubamesanjo, Niigata Prefecture, which is famous for metal processing, carefully produces the end face of the wire by welding one by one and rounding it, and it is made in every detail.

3.Ease of use:The unevenness (the vertical wave) on the bottom of the drainage rack makes it possible to place dishes and the like without thinking vertically or horizontally, thereby reducing stress and increasing work efficiency.
Furthermore, since the tray is sloped, water droplets dripping from dishes etc. will flow to the sink, eliminating the need to drain water.

4.Durability:It is sturdy and has a load capacity of 10 kg, which is not common with ordinary drainage racks.
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Product Name
Category: powerbank    
Material: wood Size: H175 x W30 x D30 (cm)
Price 3900 JPY (tax excluded)

This is a pocket power bank with a tiny and portable body. Two shapes, cylinder or cube, are available for your options. It feels excellent when you grasp it in your hand.
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
This is a pocket power bank with a tiny and portable body. Two shapes, cylinder or cube, are available for your options. It feels excellent when you grasp it in your hand. It occupies little space thus is suitable for being carried in a pocket or a small bag. We utilize embedded design with masterly sealing and polishing techniques. In this way the power bank is totally wrapped up in the wood. In the meantime the wood grains keep intact, which delivers an outstanding quality. An extra length with two battery cells is provided regarding the need of a larger capacity. The same amazing feel but with twice the power makes the product even more suitable for a business trip or a long journey.
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Product Name
"Shuang Shuang" silicone eco-friendly bowel set
Category: tableware    
Material: 100% silicone Size: H13 x W13 x D7.5 (cm)
Price 3500 JPY (tax excluded)

"Shuang Shuang" silicone eco-friendly bowl set sold in Taiwan for 24 hours and broke millions of results!
First overseas exposure debut!
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
Full silicone, zero plastic
Light weight, easy to carry
1+1 =1, save space
One-piece 100% silicone plate, good cleaning
Leakproof, the best choice for outing
Round surface, easy to grip
Add Nano silver, strong antibacterial
High/low temperature resistance
Acid and alkali resistant
Flexible, resistant to falling