〈Award Entry Products〉
Show dates:June 26 (Wed) -28 (Fri), 2019 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on June 28)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Company Name
Product Name
Mino Japanese paper photo frame mini
Category: Japanese paper photo frame Feature: Made in Japan
Material: washi paper Size: H10 x W8 x D5 (cm)
Price 1200 JPY (tax excluded)

A handmade gem featuring Mino Japanese paper with a 1300-year history on the theme of being able to decorate photos that you love close to you. Card size. made in Japan
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
We use the pattern of our original brand, emi series.
Laughs emi is an animal pattern with the theme of Relieved not to be cute.
Commitment design to wipe away the image of the traditional washi.
The coloration unique to hand-dyeing is not known unless it is real.
All 5 patterns

2.Production process
Mino Japanese paper with a history of 1300 years is hand-painted by a craftsman from the ancient city of Kyoto. After that, in Mino Washi, Mino City, we have been established for 117 years, and we process them by hand.
made in Japan. Mino Japanese paper brand registration product.

Produced under the theme of being able to decorate photos that one loves close to you.
Decorate your living room or desk with Cheki photos and card sizes that are booming again.
It is also used as a vertical. Boxed.