〈Award Entry Products〉
Show dates:June 26 (Wed) -28 (Fri), 2019 10:00-18:00 (17:00 on June 28)
Venue: Tokyo Big Sight, Japan
Company Name
Product Name
Category: Ink Pad Feature: Made in Japan
Material: Aluminium , Moxa ,Organic Pigments Ink Size: H25 x W63 x D63 (cm)
Price 15000 JPY (tax excluded)

A cutting process aluminum ink-pad case developed to make reliable and safer vermilion ink-pad easier to use and general.
Product Summary, Message, Story and Episode:
General vermilion ink pad of the inorganic pigment from it (lead, cadmium, including the heavy metals that are harmful to the health of mercury, etc.) is the mainstream, we met with manufacturers that developed the organic pigment 100% of vermilion ink pad that does not contain heavy metals We developed a vermilion ink pad case with the desire to make it reliable and safer and easier to use.

As a point of design,
(1) It is easy to open a lid. Also, the case does not float when the lid is opened.
(2) The case does not slip when the seal is pressed against the vermilion ink pad.
(3) The raised shape of the inner bottom of the case prevents the vermilion ink pad from shifting to the end of the case when the seal is pressed.